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Boltpac Software | Action Bolt (Pty) Ltd

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Boltpac Software

In terms of information technology, Action Bolt (Pty) Limited has designed a sustainable stock control program known as “Boltpac”. This program is a fully integrated software package revolving around bespoke and specialised computer software designed in-house for optimal fastener stock control and warehouse management processes.

The “Boltpac” information technology (IT) program, may be used as a standalone stock control system or in conjunction with our distribution networks such as Kanban and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) systems.

Some Strengths of the Action Bolt Software package

  • Boltpac is compatible with the world wide SAP software.
  • Orders are downloaded into Boltpac as a seamless operation.
  • Boltpac is compatible with the SAP financial protocol.
  • Boltpac is information rich with historic reporting profiles available in report format upon request.

If you would like to find out more about the features and functionality of the Action Bolt Software system, please contact us and we will gladly give you a presentation.