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Implementation | Action Bolt (Pty) Ltd

Action Bolt has an Implementation Team to expedite and coordinate the startup of new Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. Our team will assist any and all needs to complete a timely program implementation.

Functions of our Implementation Team include:

  • Initial Assessment of Situation
  • Close contact with buyer to keep ahead on discrepancy parts
  • Keep buyer updated
  • Obtain final counts for your current on-hand quantities
  • Identify and solve any discrepancy parts
  • Customize and catalog the process
  • Determine label requirements
  • Assembly of bins
  • Assist in addition of new parts
  • Consistently look for improvements to make your transition easy

Conditions Before an Inventory Management Program (VMI):

  • Stock Outs
  • Emergency/Line Down Situations
  • Excessive Paperwork
  • Expediting
  • Multiple Suppliers
  • Material Handling
  • Excessive Inventory
  • Inspection

Conditions After Implementation:

  • Reduce Shortages
  • Detailed Buyers Guide
  • Full Parts Breakdown
  • Reduce Expediting Time
  • Reduce Tracking Time
  • Single Source
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • ISO 9002/FQA Compliant

Extremely Flexible:

With thousands of product lines to chose from, you can incorporate packaged goods, non-standard fastener items, and maintenance supplies. Our dedicated project manager will keep close contact with you for continuous project updates.