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Conditions of Sale | Action Bolt (Pty) Ltd
  1. All orders, whether resultant from acceptance of a tender or otherwise are subject to these conditions. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between these conditions and the purchaser’s conditions of order or acceptance, these conditions shall apply.
  2. The issue of a price list does not constitute an offer to supply, and all prices are subject to alteration without notice.
  3. Deliveries quoted “ex-pending production” are subject to prior sale unless otherwise stated.
  4. No guarantee or warranty as to the rate or time of delivery is given or implied.
  5. Where a purchaser, after acceptance of an order, requests deferred or staggered deliveries price may, at our discretion be adjusted.
  6. If the purchaser is unable to accept, or requests determent of execution of orders scheduled for delivery, we shall be entitled to invoice for payment as if delivery had been affected, unless otherwise agreed upon by us in writing in respect of each case.
  7. We will not accept cancellation of an order through late delivery, or for any other reason, when manufacture has already commenced.
  8. Where an order is accepted for goods not within our standard range of production, we reserve the right to over deliver or under deliver to the extent of 10% of the quantity ordered.
  9. If goods are made to the purchaser’s pattern or specification, no responsibility can be accepted for the infringement of any patent and the purchaser agrees to indemnity us against any loss in respect of any proceedings, or otherwise resulting from the execution of the purchaser’s order.
  10. Orders accepted which require sub-contract work, labour and/or special materials or tolls will be based on quotations made to us at the time. Any subsequent increase in the cost of such subcontracted work will be based on quotations made to us at the time. Any subsequent increase in the cost of such sub-contracted work will be for the purchaser’s account.
  11. If our obligation to our customer shall be prevented, hindered or interfered with by war, strikes, accidents or any cause whatsoever beyond our control, we shall have the option to suspend or cancel any obligation then unperformed.
  12. Quotations are open for acceptance within fourteen days of the date of quotation, unless otherwise stated.
  13. If any payment is in arrears, we have the option to suspend further deliveries until payment is received, whether such deliveries form part of the same order or other orders, without prejudice to our right. To recover all outstanding payments for goods delivered and/or to cancel the remainder of the order or orders.
  14. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts, and the charge for legal fees should the account be handed to our attorneys for collection will be for the purchaser’s account.
  15. No goods will be accepted by us for credit unless written consent has first been obtained. The purchaser will in any event be liable for the transport charges incurred.
  16. Our liability is limited to the replacement of goods proved to have been faulty when they left our premises, and we accept no liability for costs arising out of consequential or indirect damages or loss. No guarantee or warrantee is given, or applied, unless specifically stated in writing by our authorized representative. Notification must be made to us in writing within 14 days of manifestation of any defects and samples of such defective products must be returned with the notification.
  17. We accept no liability for goods which have been subjected to any process after leaving our factory.