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About Wurth Group | Action Bolt (Pty) Ltd

Competence, Quality and Closeness to the Customer. The building up of the Würth Group is the life's work of Professor Reinhold Würth, and is one of the outstanding business success stories in post-war German history. He has been turning the two-man business of his father since 1954, the time of rebuilding after the Second World War, into a worldwide active group of companies with over 420 companies in 86 countries today.

The core business of the Würth Group is the global trade with connecting and assembly technology that is implemented through an international network of Group companies. A range of over 100,000 products for industry and the trades makes us a competent supplier of solutions for every kind of fixing problem. Würth is the right contact for you if it is about screws, screw accessories, dowels, chemical products, furniture and construction fittings, tools, machines, installation material, automotive hardware as well as storage and retrieval systems. Daily contact through over 30,000 sales representatives worldwide guarantees closeness to the customer, and thus competent advice and fast delivery. To be the right contact for our various customers our sales force is divided by the automotive, wood- and metal-working trade as well as construction and industry.

All over the world more than 3 million customers trust in the products and service of Würth. Competence, quality and closeness to the customer form the foundation of our activities. Würth stands for good, solid and durable product quality.

Our Allied Companies that belong to the Würth Group in terms of capital, which, trade under other names, work on business fields related to those on the Würth Line as regards their products and markets.


Dave Pritchard - Action Bolt entrepreneur - retired at the end of 2005. Both directors, Jasper Perumal and Jay Naicker, bought out the entire company shares. A year later the Würth Group (Germany) bought out Action Bolt (Pty) Ltd making Action Bolt a member of the multi-national Würth Group.